Medical Strategies International, LLC is a strategic business, out-sourcing firm, focused in the medical industry. MSI’s partners, with their collective backgrounds and experiences in leading worldwide device and supply companies, offer you much more than traditional National Account consulting.

At MSI, we know what the Government, National Accounts, Equipment Planners and Integrated Networks are looking for when it comes to contracting, and we can help open the doors for you. Whether you are a well-established, large corporation looking for a "fresh set of eyes" to review a business plan or a small start-up company needing tips from seasoned industry executives, we can contribute to your successful plan.

MSI's Managing Partners are each highly trained healthcare professionals with over 120 years in Sales, Service, Marketing, and International and Domestic product distribution. Our goal is to assist companies that manufacture or distribute products and services to the Hospital, Ambulatory Surgery, Long Term Care and Physician markets to help them increase sales through new distribution channels. Contact Dennis Daar for more information: Telephone: 440-725-8465, Email:

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NCI Consulting Group is the most respected and oldest sales and marketing firm in the US; supplying specialization in GPO, IDN and Major Health System market share expansion for healthcare suppliers. NCI will assist your sales and corporate account teams to develop true partnership opportunities through direct access to key healthcare executives within your targeted markets. Our daily communication with GPO, IDN and hospital executives provides us the necessary business intelligence, market insight and cultural dynamics to best position our client’s offerings. This proximity equips NCI with unique understanding of “know-how and know-who” to identify cost reduction opportunities that clients can bring to key industry buyers to assist in achieving their business objectives. At NCI, we create value for your business through market validation and discreetly positioning with potential GPO/IDN customers by refining the value proposition and streamlining the sales process. Contact NCI for more information: Telephone: (817) 722-5782, Email:

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SalesTracings works with industry organizations and other companies helping manufacturers to facilitate sales growth, profitability and increased market-share.  We setup a referral program that allows us to help each other identify opportunities to assist in whatever ways we can to help our clients achieve their goals.  Please contact us to learn more or click the button below! 

As they say, knowledge is power in business, and our relationship with SalesTracings is allowing us to access accurate, usable customer data (knowledge) at all levels of our organization.  Our sales team, from Territory Manager to Director of Sales, has the ability to identify trends like never before, giving them the ability to grow opportunities and stabilize challenges.  We could not be happier with SalesTracings and look forward to additional innovations in data management that are forthcoming.
— Director of National Accounts, West Coast Manufacturer


SalesTracings has brought its experience, expertise, its software and services together to provide real solutions to the challenges of managing supply chain data and trading partner relationships. We are solving problems on an evolving basis and helping manufacturers to use the rich informational resources produced from managing this process effectively.

SalesTracings has continually demonstrated its extensive knowledge, experience and expertise in all of the areas that are vital to the successful execution and management of the unique and sophisticated transaction lifecycle that is fundamental to the Med /Surg sector of the Health Care Industry. As a result, SalesTracings has become an integral part, trusted partner and reliable source of information, expertise and counsel to all of its clients, customers and industry partners.

We carefully protect the confidentiality of our clients and customers but can provide references to those who are seriously considering an opportunity to work with SalesTracings. Please contact us if you have any questions or wish to discuss how your company can begin to benefit from a strategic relationship with SalesTracings.