Although companies selling through distribution face the same challenges, they may use slightly different approaches to solving problems and working with their trading partners. SalesTracings has developed a very flexible and powerful set of tools, processes and procedures to manage the ongoing transaction processing lifecycle.  This flexibility allows us to offer a “cafeteria-plan” approach to providing services that let companies select the products and services that they need based upon their company’s requirements and resources.  Based upon our experience with Med / Surg manufacturers, it is possible to save enough money to pay for our services or a portion thereof by reducing rebate/chargeback claim payments, GPO fees, and sales commissions through accurate rebate reconciliation, transaction settlement and compensation distribution.  A list of the services that we provide to our clients is presented below:


  • Trading Partner Relations & Relationship Management

  • Operational Analysis & Planning

  • Policy & Procedure

  • Analytics & Performance Analysis

  • Management Consulting

Salestracings knows the med/surg industry, and they know technology.  they had little-to-no learning curve when it came to understanding our business and information needs. they even anticipated our issues before they ever arose and were able to meet our needs rather painlessly.


  • Data Acquisition, Identification & Aggregation

  • Data Structure Mapping, Formatting, Porting & Migration

  • Data Analysis, Validation, Cleansing & Refinement

  • Data Identification, Translation & Cross-referencing

  • Contract Management (Initiation, Renewal & Performance)

  • Pricing Management

  • Name & Address Correction/Standardization & End User Identification

  • GPO Member/Facility Identification & Correlation

  • Transaction Processing (Sales Tracings & Rebate Claims)

  • Transaction Reconciliation & Settlement

  • Sales Attribution & Sales Force Administration

  • Financial Settlement & Accounting System Integration

  • Data Distribution (Internal/External Systems)

  • Reporting for Sales Commissions

  • Reporting for GPO Fees & GPO Member Rebates

  • Reporting for Sales & Performance Analysis

  • Report/Information Distribution (Internal/External Organizations)

  • Business Intelligence Solutions, Dashboards, Analytics, Scorecards, etc.

  • Business Process Engineering

  • Database Engineering, Development,Implementation & Management

  • Custom Application/Report Development, Implementation & Management

  • Internet Site Development, Hosting, Implementation & Management

  • Implementation Planning, Execution & Management

  • Education & Training


  • Mobile Solutions for Sales Organization, Management, etc.

  • Access to ERP Data Resources (Orders, Inventory, Accounting, etc.)

  • Data warehouse data mapping and porting facilities

  • Custom Analytics Tools & Reporting

  • Combined Direct & Contract Sales Processing & Reporting

  • Contract Compliance/Performance Analytics & Reporting

  • Sales Alignment & Optimization

  • Sales Performance Analytics & Reporting

  • Sales Quota, Goals & Forecast

  • External ID Cross-Referencing (HIN/GLN/DEA/GPO)

  • Data Warehouse Data Packaging & Update

  • Generation/Distribution of Custom Reports

  • Data Packaging & Distribution for Information Sharing