Working with Salestracings

There are significant advantages to working with SalesTracings. We have consistently and continually demonstrated the following:

  • Proven Solutions, Standards & Practices

  • Faster Deployment, Lower Cost of Ownership, Flexibility or Full Utilization

  • High System Reliability, Scalability, Abstract Solutions Provide Support for Multiple Business Models

  • Reduced Business Risk, Economies of Scale, Quicker ROI

  • Single/Unified Solution & Point of Contact, State of the Art Technology

  • Expert Technical Advice & Support

Helping Companies

SalesTracings has been helping companies in all of the following ways:

  • Infrastructure Development, Implementation & Management

  • Data Acquisition, Transformation/Unification & Cleansing

  • Transaction Processing, Validation & Settlement

  • Business Intelligence, Information/Knowledge Management & Distribution

  • Reducing Costs & Overpayments of Distributor Rebates/Chargebacks, GPO Fees and Sales Commissions

  • Increasing Sales & Profits

  • Providing an insightful view into activity at all levels…


Bringing Radius™ to the web gave us complete control over its implementation and its evolution in an agile environment. There is no software to be installed at our client’s locations (i.e., servers, workstations, laptops, etc.) which allows us to rollout modifications and enhancements to our software applications more frequently. Lastly, we have an opportunity to market Radius™ globally to health care related entities and other verticals. The potential for these innovations is very substantial and we are just beginning to implement our plans to expand our marketing and selling activities to take advantage of what is clearly an exceptional product that is ahead of its game. The positive impact that the products and services of SalesTracings can have are very significant as you will see from the testimonials on our site. As mentioned above, utilization of the products and services that we offer yield a measurable ROI – 10 different ways:

Efficiently managing customer contracts has always been a challenge. SalesTracings offers us an excellent solution with their TransactionWorks™ program. It supports all of our needs from contract development through rebate reconciliation. We are extremely satisfied with their service, support and expertise and would highly recommend them to others needing this type of service.
— Manager of Contracts & Sales Reporting, California Manufacturer

1. Operational Efficiencies

2. Cost Reductions

3. Increased Capabilities

4. Increased Flexibility

5. Increased Profitability

6. Managerial Efficiencies

7. Overpayment Prevention

8. Increased Control

9. Increased Sales

10. Increased Market Share