Value PropositioN

Our Radius™ product line operating in conjunction with our catalog of services helps prevents fraud, undue credits for chargebacks and rebates, overpayments of fees and commissions and provides companies with the business intelligence framework from which strategies and tactics may be employed to facilitate successful growth and profitability for health care companies.

Companies that struggle with these problems and challenges consequently lose out on opportunities, get shortchanged financially and never quite have a handle on where things stand with their business and their trading partner relationships.  We are talking about hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars each year and possibly ten’s of millions of dollars in lost opportunity for larger companies.  Companies that do not have the right infrastructure in place need our assistance.

No Installation Necessary

Radius™ is a web based solution. There is no software to install; we manage the implementation from beginning to end including hosting. This means that there are no hassles with software updates, upgrades or bug fixes.  Moreover, our clients have complete control over who can access their Radius™ site. If they terminate a user, that user loses access immediately.

To this day, small, medium and large companies struggle with the problems and challenges that our products and services solve. Even large companies have difficulty managing sales tracings and chargeback/rebate claims.
— Founder/CEO, SalesTracings, LLC

No Expensive Purchases

A client of ours received a bid from a competitor for 2.3MM plus the standard 22% annual maintenance fees. In contrast, our setup fee was less than 5% of their initial price and our subscription fees (paid monthly) for an entire year was less than half of their annual maintenance fee. Needless to say, they signed with SalesTracings. Working with us was a no-brainer!


Radius™ can be accessed securely from anywhere in the world. It even works with smart phones like the iPhone, the Blackberry and the new Android OS based phones that are now available.


Our clients are not in the software business. They are in the business of supplying end users with products that save lives, provide comfort and quality of care.  We bring technology to our clients that they themselves could not readily develop. Additionally, we provide the services to acquire, process and load all of their data so that they do not need the additional IT and operations staff. This load and go approach means that our clients can focus on the results of their efforts and make the critical changes that are necessary to grow their business and improve their bottom line.

Innovation at SalesTracings

SalesTracings implemented a continuous improvement process from its inception, governed by high standards and expectations that have yielded state of the art solutions in every iteration of its Radius™ Product Line.