SalesTracings (formerly Health Care Business Services, LLC) is a SaaS Software as a Service company providing transaction processing services (e.g., Sales Tracings, Rebates/Chargebacks, GPO Membership Management & Fee Reporting, Sales Assignment and Commissions Reporting, etc.), and intuitive web based solutions to help drive sales growth, profitability and increase market-share.

Founded: Q1 2001 (Previous entities with similar industry involvement beginning in 1988)

Location: Rhode Island, USA

Ownership: Privately Owned

Founder & Chief Executive Officer: Thomas E. Loiselle

Marketspace:  Health Care Industry; Expanding Markets

SalesTracings, LLC is committed to helping companies grow and prosper, and add real shareholder/stakeholder value. Our solutions are comprised of services, products, and the experience, contacts, and expertise that tie it all together.  Through the use of our Radius™ Product Line and our catalog of services, we are able to help companies meet their financial and operational requirements while providing them with critical visibility into their supply chain.

Tom, I just wanted to send you a short note and thank you and your staff for working so diligently in getting accurate trace data to us in a very short period of time. I will tell you this will improve the performance of our selling organization as we grow, and our intention in the future is to take advantage of the other tools you offer to manage our business. Thanks again and keep those numbers coming.
— Executive VP, Sales & Marketing, New Jersey Manufacturer

Business Intelligence & Knowledge Management

Extensive set of tools that allow our clients to fully utilize the wealth of data that we provide for managing operational requirements, fulfilling trading partner obligations, managing organizational resources and applying strategies and tactics that lead to continued success in the marketplace.

Solutions for Managing the Infrastructure

Software products and Internet sites that allow our clients to profile, implement and maintain infrastructures and relationships – Sales Organization, Trading Partners, Product Catalog, Pricing, Contracts, Transactions, Sales, etc.


Clean & Reliable Data

Services to procure, unify, standardize, process and reconcile sales transactions, rebate/chargeback claims and end user customer information on a consistent basis.


At SalesTracings, we are contributing to advancements in supply chain data management.  Our enterprise level systems and services working in concert with our mobile computing initiatives reduce the cost of doing business for our clients, create operating efficiencies and provide them with strategic and tactical advantages.  We believe that through technology, best practices and efficient business systems, we can help our clients improve sales growth, profitability and market-share.


Our mission is to establish long-term partnerships with companies by providing real solutions at a reasonable cost and targeting a measurable, visible ROI in multiple categories (e.g., Operational Efficiencies, Managerial Efficiencies, Cost Reductions, Overpayment Prevention, Increased Capabilities, Increased Control, Increased Flexibility, Increased Sales, Increased Profitability and Increased Market Share).  More specifically, SalesTracings:

  • Facilitates efficient information flow between supply chain partners by providing solutions for data transformation, standardization, translation, identification and transaction management

  • Helps clients develop, implement and maintain efficient internal processes for managing data, supply chain interaction/integration, transaction reconciliation and settlement

  • Provides business/market intelligence and information/knowledge management and sharing solutions to enable clients and trading partners to continuously improve growth and profitability

  • Provides education and training to industry executives, management and staff


  • SalesTracings has extensive experience and expertise in dealing with the disparate data sources and database management systems found throughout the industry and can receive, process and send data in any conceivable “data oriented” format through any method required
  • SalesTracings maintains excellent relationships with Distributors, GPO’s (Group Purchasing Organizations) and IDN’s (Integrated Delivery Networks) and has succeeded many times in converting paper and proprietary based data sources into industry standard formats and structures (i.e., EDI 867’s, EDI 844’s, etc.) on behalf of our clients and customers to bring greater consistency and accuracy to the entire process
  • SalesTracings has developed a state of the art software product line called Radius™ that allows our clients to model and manage their organization, trading partners, product catalog, into stock pricing, contracts, transactions (both sales through distribution and direct), and fulfill their business intelligence and data sharing requirements
  • The SalesTracings Radius™ product line contains a very flexible and powerful sales attribution system for assigning sales throughout the organization that allows split commissions or commission sharing and variable and incentive based commission programs and supports sales focus, sales goals, sales quota and forecasting and contains the infrastructure to allow goals, quota and forecasts to be created automatically from historical activity
  • The SalesTracings Radius™ Product Line can integrate with any ERP system based upon client specific requirements and share information bi-directionally to automate the process of maintaining core data content (e.g., Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Product Catalog, Direct Sales, etc.)
  • SalesTracings maintains a universal database of end user customer information that is identified, standardized, cleaned and distributed securely to the clients with whom they do business
  • The SalesTracings universal database supports all of the major distributors and their entities (i.e., distributor branches, warehouses/distribution centers, subsidiaries, etc.) and all of the hierarchical relationships that exist between distributors and their subsidiaries; SalesTracings has worked with over 300 distributors
  • The SalesTracings universal database supports all of the major GPO’s and their membership rosters for facility identification, contract management/assignment and fee reporting and disbursement
  • SalesTracings has built several versions of its Radius™ product line exclusively for the web to allow secure access and management of all data sources and applications from anywhere in the world
  • SalesTracings provides substantial value to its users at all levels but most significantly to the sales organization, national accounts, marketing and management to help them to make the right decisions at the right time – business intelligence resources that provide keen insight into sales activity at all levels, gross profit analysis, key account management, lost and gained business, etc.